Metontec picks its name by Meton, a Greek mathematician, astronomer, geometer, and engineer was who lived in Athens in the fifth century BC. He is best known for the development of the iconic 19year Metonic cycle, which is used by the Antikythera Mechanism, the oldest known astronomical calculator.

Metontec is not just another Technology firm; we are dedicated to Technology. With solid professional experience in multiple complex projects, our mission is to enable our customers with the appropriate technology and accelerate their journey towards digital transformation.

Our core values are:

  1. Quality & Safety. We are bound to deliver services that not only meet but exceed your expectations.
  2. Customer satisfaction. We are happy only when our customers are happy.
  3. Commitment. Our work is not an obligation, it is a mission.
  4. Creativity & Innovation. In Technology services the only constant is change.
  5. Integrity. Our signature comes with unparallel business ethics.

Our vision is to establish profound and longstanding business relationships within the customer-partner value chain. Therefore, we invest in constantly evaluating the available technology advancements while at the same time we explore new technological trends. Οur aim is to act as a trusted advisor for each of our customers. We not only deliver solutions, but we also consult and support our clients to make the most of the implemented technology enhancing their business operations and improving KPIs.