Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform Tools

Enhance your business operations and stay ahead of the competition with the most up-and-coming cloud, and software technologies. Metontec can guide you to access the solutions that suit your needs and open up the opportunities to modernize and transform your business in today’s environment.

         Teams enable the collaboration with other people across business units, share files, and apps in a single workspace, on any mobile device.

                 Power Apps provides a rapid application development environment for your business needs and provides rich business logic and workflow capabilities to transform your manual business processes to digital.

                  Power Automate empowers the creation of automated efficient workflows between your favourite apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data and more.

                   Power BI turns everyone at every level of your organization to make confident business decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics by putting data-driven insights into your hands.

Microsoft Power platform with low-code tools plays a vital role in business processes enhancement. Power platform processes run seamlessly on any device. Create solutions that accelerate your business excellence.

Why trust Microsoft platform tools?

Enterprises want digital tools that enable operational excellence delivered at speed and at scale, today more than ever due to the Covid-19 effects. The proliferation of apps to handle specific business problems clearly indicates that end-users need to be enabled rapidly.

Organizations are moving away from IT and monolithic line-of-business systems that lack agility and operational efficiency, and they are turning to the apps development on the cloud. This approach allows people from anywhere in the business to quickly build digital solutions to the problems they face every day.