Dynamic Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure on Hybrid Cloud

Metontec has pioneered in the field of Hybrid Cloud, connecting a wide range of technologies and actively utilizing hybrid cloud-based solutions on a consistent basis. We have created a team of experts ready to offer you the support and expertise you need to transform your current infrastructure using the best solution for your business. Going beyond traditional virtualization, by the utilization of the hybrid cloud solutions Azure, Microsoft MS365, IBM Cloud, Red Hat Openshift, AWS, you can use the best of breed from both worlds.

What is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid cloud is a computing environment that connects a company’s on-premises private cloud services and third-party public cloud into a single, flexible infrastructure for running the organization’s applications and workloads.

The principle behind the hybrid cloud is that its mix of public and private cloud resources—with a level of orchestration between them—gives an organization the flexibility to choose the optimal cloud for each application or workload (and to move workloads freely between the two clouds as circumstances change). This enables the organization to meet its technical and business objectives more effectively and cost-efficiently than it could with the public or private cloud alone.

Hybrid cloud technology is continuously gaining new ground in the field of business and is available in 3 premium, high-availability hybrid cloud services models:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): rent out IT hardware – servers, data centers, network components- to IT system administrators and network architects, alleviating the cost of an acquisition
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): offer an IT platform to permit application developers to design, deploy, run and manage applications in a less complex and more flexible manner
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): offer centrally hosted software via the internet on a subscription basis

Why Hybrid Cloud?

  • Increased security
  • Better flexibility
  • Increased speed and agility
  • Higher performance

We keep on welcoming our customers to the new digital era with us, providing assessment & consultation to help on the decisions based on the required infrastructure needs involving:

  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)
  • Management and Orchestration
  • Hybrid Cloud Applications
  • Hybrid Cloud Platform

Metontec is offering you the opportunity to be part of Digital Transformation through forward-thinking and challenging initiatives. Our hybrid cloud team of experts will walk you through all the appropriate steps to create a robust enterprise environment designed to deliver optimum performance.